Saturday, March 2


Assalamualaikum :)

Hey there peeps. whoever you are. I am celebrating life right now. I'm a pupil-in-chamber in a law firm in KL. Working life is very hectic but I am happy and very grateful for this opportunity. 

Pursuing my childhood dream to be a lawyer is very challenging but this is the last stage before it become true.

If God's Willing. It will be true.


I'm Engaged!

Yes, this is when the fun begins.

Preparing for the BIG DAY :)

(i'm smiling while typing this..)

Well, Syukran or Thanks for reading :)

I'll definitely will (with my best effort) update this blog.



Saturday, May 5

criminal assignment three

yes, that i suppose to be doing now. Instead, i choose to blog. hahaha. Well, the sounds of the keyboard is still the same its just the output that is different. Well, i promise to continue my work once i am done with this. Being in law school for almost 5 years still makes me thinking... What shall i be after this? seriously, law is cool in its own way BUT the amount of work is huge. Will decide on that once i graduated later.

Well, Alhamdulillah, my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Aunty Myra got another nice to spoil! yay.  I love babies and kids. InsyaAllah. I want to have my own once married.

Till then, must get back to books... Bismillahirrahmanirrahim....

Friday, May 4


Assalamualaikum and hello people!

okay, sangat amat dan terlalu lama tak update. Ye. LLB buat hidup ni sangat busy. sekarang dah 2nd part of the semester. yes, my last semester. InsyaAllah. Tahun ni boleh grad. Sila doakan kejayaan saye ye :)

Siapa sangka student yang time degree dulu failed 2 paper berturut-turut, banyak main, mampu bangkit untuk menghabiskan apa yang dia harapkan. Syukur sangat-sangat Selain bersabar, berdoa, restu keluarga dan rezeki Allah. Dapat pun sambung LLB. InsyaAllah. Last semester kali ni. I will do my best. The is my final battle. 

"What doesn't kill you make you stronger"


Friday, March 2

I Accept


Alhamdulillah. I got good grade last semester. Next week, new semesters coming up. New class, new lecturers, new subjects with the same classmates :) Even though I don't always have a resolution for anything. I just keep it in my mind. Well, let's make it different this year. It's never too late right?

My Resolutions

1. Be a better Muslim

2. Be a good daughter, sister and aunt.

3. More organized

4. Ace in my studies

It might seems little but I know to accomplish this it takes more work.


Pray for me will you?

Whoever you are.


Monday, January 30



It's been a while kan? Lamanya tak update. rindunyaaa nk tulis tulis panjang ni. Agak2 ada bakat lagi tak? =) Cuti semester dah bermula. Akhirnya! haha. Been waiting for it for so long. Since 14 weeks ago. How's LLB you asked? Well, indeed very interesting and I can say extremely tired. Having to be in class from 7.30 am till sometimes 10pm everyday was tiring. Yes. Very-very. All I did was reminding myself, "12 weeks only Myra" that is for the short term goal. But kalau nk sedapkan hati lagi just cakap "Setahun je Myra, sabar ye" the satisfaction of finishing the workload on time and the courage to speak as a lawyer is priceless. Loving every bittersweet moment of this course. 

Now, I am getting a hang of it. Another semester to go. InsyaAllah. I can go through this again.

how i spent my holidays? haha. Ape lagi. i'm enhancing my cooking skills including baking. Alhamdulillah. it turn out eatable and delicious too.  :)

i'll surely continue later.


Thursday, November 10

quicky updates

My life is not that smooth sailing sometimes.
This LLB life is really full with tests and assignments.
Hope this will be useful later.
Slept at 3am, woke up at 6 am is normal now.
Now I understand when the Seniors said, u will be a walking zombie till the end of the semester.

Buckle up Myra!
5 more weeks to go!
It's gonna be a bumpy ride
but, i know i'll make it through.

Monday, September 12


Journey starts NOW!

Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.  ~Francesca Reigler

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit

It's gonna be a bumpy ride. But I'm gonna make it through. 

Friday, September 2

Lambat sket but...


Walaupun mcm banyak je tempat konon2 nak pindah sbb tak tanak dgn cuaca panas. hahah. tapi tetap rasa baik duk Malaysia. Sini Ada Sambal Belacan! tak sedap mana pon cili omputih si jalapeno tu. haha. Harap je besar tp x pedas pon. Cili padi/ api is the best. Tgk. kecik pon pedas dan besst okeh.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google
okey coming back to Malaysia. Its our Merdeka Day on the 31 August.


Yes, video dari MatLuthfi ni memang the bomb! He's a Malaysian too. 

It's Aidilfitri baby!

Assalamualaikum readers :)

Today is the 4th day of Syawal. Everything goes well except for today. Yes, bangun pagi aja terus pitam dan hampir jatuh ye. Terus dibawa ke klinik. Doc kata gastrik lagi  :( Blood pressure sangat amat rendah katanya. ubat semua dah makan dah. Dah boleh online lagi, so, Alhamdulillah. But the pening2 tu masih ada lagi. Nak buat apa tah nk normal kan blood pressure ni balik? Korang taw tak?

Well, first Hari Raya was great. Like always pergi balik kampung jauh nun ok dekat je kat Ampang. 15 minit sampai. Hihi. Sana nenek belah ibu. So, makanan wajib ada lah lontong :) and like always haruslah menyelerakan. Belah sangat cousins tak berapa ramai. So, budak2 syiok lah. Lari sana sini :) Moving on, bergerak pulak ke Gombak. Haa itu parents belah ayah. Kat sana food mctm biasa aja. Yg best kat Gombak sebab cousins sangat ramai. Sampai takde tempat duduk. so, aunty-aunty duk belakang, uncles kat depan. We cousins dekat hall. Tp x berapa lama kat sana sbb akan di carry forward sesi tu bila raya ke dua nnt. hihi. Pastu pergi Keramat plak. Since itu dekat. Lagipun Keramat rumah my sis in law. So, sana mkn memang sedap. hehe. Dierang suka jamu orang kot. syok. Lepak sana lama jugak. hihi. Lagi pon, adik dia Girl is one of my best friends jugak. So, meriah! Then baru balik rumah. end of day one.

2nd Syawal, pergi Kepong, then Sg Buloh then last skali my sis house yang located 10 minit dari my house. haha. hebat. Abg Ez, my bro in law make the best soto i ever had. layaaan lah.

Yesterday pulak, pergi rumah Aunty lagi dekat Wangsa Maju. And its our tradition for the cousins to go for movie. Sentiasa cerita melayu. tak tahu pasal apa. haha. Well, Hantu Bonceng menjadi pilihan. Sebelum ni, cousins yang pergi ramai. sangat ramai. But as time goes by, ada yg dah kahwin and beranak semua, so makin byk yg x boleh pergi. Kesian kat anak2 dierang nnt. Thank You cousins. Banyak betul update cerita pasal diri masing2. Suka!

=_=" tudung cam Darth Vader

Aidilfitri to me is about reminding myself that family always comes first and we must always keep the bond as tight as possible. Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, August 25

Let's Count

5 days to go (insyaAllah) for Aidilfitri.
Mixed feelings.
Happy to celebrate Syawal.
Sad to leave Ramadan.

Hoping Allah Will Accept My Deeds and Forgive Me As Well